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Services Provided

Our Renovation Services Include the Following


Cellar Tanking And Sheeting

Our waterproofing system is cited as the most effective method of redirecting interior water ingress. Our Membranes  redirect any water ingress to the sub-floor where it drains naturally to the water table, we build a treated timber frame to maximise the size and bring out the character of your cellar. we then add rated Insulation boards to stabilise temperature and humidity, after which your cellar is sheeted with 18mm chipboard flooring and 12mm plasterboard that can be taped and jointed or plastered. We replace the doors as part of our tanking process, and paint all surfaces with quality vinyls and glosses

Bespoke joinery

Shelving, glass doors, Desks, Integrated seating and more

Bespoke is a term that has become quite popular but often is used for things that are handmade. To be truly bespoke, it needs to go one step beyond just being handmade – it is defined as custom made furniture/fixings that are designed for you, to exactly fit your space and to look just how you want it to look, created for you and to your exact specifications.

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