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Questions and Answers

Let Us Answer Your Questions

What Tanking/Waterproofing system do you use?

We use DELTA MS 500 it's a cavity drain membrane that is used for waterproofing on walls, floors and vaulted ceilings, above and below ground, in new construction or in existing buildings over a contaminated or damp background.
Delta MS 500 is an 8mm studded profile High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) clear cavity drainage membrane suitable for use on the internal faces of walls and floors as a water control & drained management system for protection of sub-ground structures against potentially adverse effects of ground water ingress.

Can you provide an electrical supply to our cellars ?

Yes. We can reroute electricity from your mains to the cellar, this would usually consist of four downlighters for illumination and two double sockets for appliances though more can be fitted upon request and at the guidance of our fully qualified electrician

Can you build custom shelves and cabinets for my cellar?

We can build custom shelving and cabinets to perfectly maximise the space of your cellar, we can also fit prefabricated items of your choice.

What finish are the floors upon completion ?

We provide an 18mm chipboard floor painted in a hard wearing princess grey oil based floor paint. Other options are available upon qoute, we regularly fit laminate vinyl and carpet.

Can you install underfloor heating in the cellar?

Yes. We regularly install underfloor heating for our clients

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